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Profile 5 – Transportation & Technology

MD Board level profile that is now available for discussions.

BSc (Hons) Electronics & Manufacturing Systems.

A robust CPD with advanced Project Management, Commercial & Leadership skills developed in stable and lengthy tenured roles.

Adept in communicating Board Level realisation benefits and in delivering value creating improvements, this Profile is acknowledged for accelerating business performance & putting companies on a growth trajectory: building excellent teams, instilling confidence and capability in people, driving CRM, performance & required returns.

An experienced Business Unit leader, with a background in Electrical Engineering & Software development, managing a P& L into the hundreds of millions, delivering substantial programmes involving the integration of systems across the Technology, Transport, Defence and IT sectors.

This Profile has heritage in Commercial Management & Business Development hinged with a portfolio of large projects, service contract delivery, managed through multi-disciplined teams, disparately located across continents.

With a collaborative leadership style with extensive operational expertise & a history in developing effective teams – is now seeking a career progression move at MD, VP, COO, DIVISIONAL CEO levels.